Hill of the Poison Tree

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On April 17, 1975, thousands of Phnom Penh residents celebrated in the streets as victorious Khmer Rouge troops entered the capitol. But their joy was short-lived: every resident was ordered out of the city to live in the country-side as "peasants."

The Khmer Rouge declared April 17th as Year Zero and embarked on a murderous quest to transform Cambodia into a new rural society of forced labour and "right" living.

Instead of creating a just, new society, the KR murdered 1.7 million Cambodians.

Because suspected traitors of the revolution were everywhere, the Khmer Rouge established a secret torture center called S-21, or Tuol Sleng.

Nearly 20,000 men, women, and children entered S-21; only 7 survived.

January 7, 2011 will mark the 32nd anniversary of the fall of Khmer Rouge.
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