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In June 2006, Phnom Penh Municipal officials and armed police evicted more than 1,000 families - approximately 7,500 men, women and children - from Sambok Chab in order to develop their land for commercial purposes.

After they were forcefully evicted, they were transported and dumped in an empty field 35 minutes outside of Phnom Penh. This location possessed no proper drainage, sanitation, electricity or essential social services.

Six years later, some housing has been built, dirt roads have been paved with cement, and clean water is largely available. Sadly, hundreds of families still dwell in dilapidated shelters made from plastic sheeting and wood. These families also live in a swamp of human sewage caused by a leaking concrete culvert.

The images in the gallery document the deprivations and poverty these resilient people struggle against every day of their lives.

To this day, the land they were evicted from in Phnom Penh lies largely undeveloped.
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