An Uncertain Future - AIDS in Cambodia

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Despite millions of dollars on development aid, social awareness programs, and improved access to life saving antiretrovirals, HIV continues to decimate the lives of thousands of Cambodians every year. Many HIV positive people continue to endure extreme discrimination in their villages and communities. Too weak to work and ostracized by friends and neighbours, many HIV positive people survive on scraps of food and live in tiny shacks built of steel sheeting and wooden planks. Even in the hospitals patients must buy their own food and water - an onerous burden for families in one of the poorest countries in the world. But a new danger is emerging: some HIV patients are now becoming resistant to their antiretroviral medication. As their immune systems fail, patients will succumb to diseases like tuberculosis or pneumonia. Clouding the future is the Global AIDS Fund's recent announcement that it will not give Cambodia $40 million to fight HIV in 2011.
What remains now is the indomitable will to live....
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